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PS3 and PS Vita store officially closing but you can still download your games

Sony has admitted that it’s shutting down the PlayStation Store for old hardware, but you won’t lose the games you bought. Following a report that it was planning to shut down the PlayStation ...

Sony Closing PlayStation Store On PS3, Vita, And PSP This Summer

The PS Vita store will also shut down on August 27. Players will still be able to download games after the stores shut down. Today, Sony updated the important notice section of its official site ...

PS3 Users Encounter Issues With PlayStation Store When Trying to Download Games

Due to the drastic increase in traffic that the PlayStation Store has experienced on the PlayStation 3 in the past few days, it sounds like many users have had trouble making purchases and then ...

Some PS Vita Games Have Been Cancelled As Not All Devs Were Told About Store Closure In Time

A number of PlayStation Vita game developers were not informed of Sony‘s plans to close the PS Vita store this summer, and as a result have been forced to cancel projects currently in production.

Sony Will Close PS3, PS Vita, PSP Stores This Summer

The PS Vita store, meanwhile, closes up on August 27. As a result of the stores shuttering, several functions will stop working, including purchasing digital content, making in-game purchases ...

PS3, PSP and PS Vita store closure takes 120 games down with it

When Sony announced that it would be close stores for PS3, PSP and PS Vita later this year, the number of potential games to be affected was out of focus. A new breakdown shows that hundreds of ...

Devs have until July 20 to release games on Vita before its digital store goes dark

After rumors started to spread of impeding PS3, PSP, and PS Vita store closures, PlayStation confirmed in March that each platform's online storefront will indeed close for good later this year.

PlayStation Store on PS3 Consoles Closes This July

The PlayStation Store for the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP is closing down for good this summer, although you'll still be able to download games you already own.