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The Latest PS Vita News and Information

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PlayStation Makes Popular PS4 Game 84% Off for Limited Time

Sony has revealed PlayStation Store's latest "Deal of the Week" and it's for one of 2018's most popular games and for one of the most popular fighting games on the PS4, period. For the latest "Deal of ...

You can Save 15% on Playstation wallet top-ups in ShopTo sale

BUDGET conscious PS4 gamers should head over to ShopTo right now. Doing so can get you wallet credit for less and save you money on your next PS4 purchase. ShopTo has a sale on all manner of ...

PlayStation Plus subscribers get special new PS Plus cosmetics pack

Sony is back with another Fortnite exclusive for its PlayStation Plus subscribers, offering them a new cosmetics pack that includes a glider, emote, and more. The arrival of this new free and ...

New PlayStation Patent May Have Just Leaked a Big PS5 Feature

A new PlayStation patent has surfaced online, possibly spilling the beans on a new, big, and announced PS5 feature. Last month, Sony finally unveiled the PS5 console alongside a big ol' slab of PS5 ...

New PlayStation 4 releases (July 13-17, 2020)

Another month, another eagerly-anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive. This time it’s open-world action-adventure Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch Productions. We recall playing Infamous Second Son ...

PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders: Sign Up For Pre-Order Page Notifications At Major Stores

The PlayStation 5 is set to release at the end of this year, and if you're interested in snagging one, you can sign up for PS5 pre-order notifications now.

PlayStation 5 Patent Leak May Have Revealed A Big New Feature

PlayStation 5 owners could be able to create their own custom-made demos to be shared with others on the next-gen console.

PS Plus July 2020: Get 3 Free PS4 Games Now For 10th Anniversary Of PlayStation Plus

Along with the most recent NBA title and arguably the best entry in the recent Tomb Raider reboot saga, PS Plus subscribers will also get Erica for free.

PlayStation 5 In Black Color Option Exposed

A New Image Shows PlayStation 5 Black Color Option In It's Full Glory. The New PS5 Comes With Black Color Option With Red Lighting.

Your favourite PS4 games are now cheaper to buy from the PlayStation Store

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect chance to snap up a new PS4 game, Sony just provided the cheapest way to do it. A new PlayStation Store promotion has begun and gamers have a ton of discounts to ...

PlayStation 5 box art is thankfully and disappointingly normal

The formal revelation of the PlayStation 5 console has had fans and the Internet split over its design. The most neutral way to describe the box, if you can even call it a box, is that it’s ...

New Fortnite PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack Available – Free Emote, Glider & Contrail

A new PlayStation Celebration Pack can now be claimed for PlayStation Plus Fortnite players. Here is what the pack includes and how to claim it. Epic Games have partnered with many companies to bring ...